We Are Here! For 12 years in Türkey

Somewhere in Istanbul, there is an office for import and export of the biggest eyeglass brands

April 9, 2024
racing sunglasses

The 5 Trending Sunglasses Styles

Trending sunglasses are now everywhere on the market. Sunglasses are not just a tool to protect the eyes from the dazzling sun. They symbolize personality and […]
March 29, 2024
sunglasses uv400 standard

All about UV400 in sunglasses and its uses

What is the UV400 standard in sunglasses? Finding the importance and features of UV400 and knowing how to choose and buy one?
March 21, 2024
running sunglasses

Running Sunglasses: What Should Running Glasses Be Like?

Running sunglasses and their required features: how to choose the best sunglasses for running and tough activities. be with us